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The best solution for your log house !
The best solution for your log house !
The best solution for your log house !
The best solution for your log house !

About us

KALBER is a company dealing with construction of log houses and timber-framed buildings.
We have many years' experience in renovation and reconstruction of ancient timber buildings. 

We often encounter with a wide-spread problem in maintenance of log houses. People who have such houses complain about gaps between logs as well as about unduly large cracks in logs themselves. The houses have too low heat stability, insects settle in cracks of logs, wasps make their nests, birds pick out heat insulation. Moisture permeates into areas where it negatively affects the wood, causing mould and fungus.

These problems are caused by several factors:

  • Low-quality building and construction work;
  • Trees sawn down in inappropriate time;
  • Excessively lightweight roof covering;
  • Improper maintenance.

Moreover, even log houses made to a very good quality eventually settle and there arise gaps in positions of corner connections and cracks in logs.
Today we can offer you a magnificent solution to these problems - WOODCHINK.

This mastic which was developed specifically for log houses resolves all the above-mentioned troubles.
Having no analogue in Europe, the product was specifically developed in the Czech Republic and has been successfully used for several years in various countries.

We have familiarized oneselves with the product, based upon our experience and knowledge, and we are convinced of its exceptionally good features and characteristics. Now we are glad to offer such solution for our customers.
We are official distributors for WOODCHINK in the Baltic States and are able to ensure the best price directly from the producer.

We are not only dealing in this product, but also offer our services to carry out such work. Being well aware that people wish to do a lot of work themselves, we also offer to train how to handle WOODCHINK mastics in a proper and a quality manner.