Backing rod half profile

Backing rod help to dilatation of joints and proper function of sealant.  MAKE ORDER HERE 

It is important, that the sealant is assigned only in 2 points.The middle space in joint which remained free is for the possibility of movement and expansion. This will allow flexible PE sealing cord, to which the sealant will not stick and can move freely around. Another advantage of using backing rod is also a saving of sealant material, which is compared with the cost of sealant more expensive.

This does not mean that we can only replace the sealant with only backing rod. There is always an exact amount of material needed  Always depends on the shape width and depth of the joint. Among the common errors are applied very thin layer of material on the cord, which after drying causes the so-called contour lines circumscribe and later cracking above backing rod. Backing rod is not used in places where the gap is less than 1 cm. There shall  be used only sealant foe example around windows, doors, into small cracks, etc. ..

Half profile
8mm /100 m
Half profile
10 mm /100 m
Half profile
15 mm /100 m
Half profile
20 mm /50 m
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