Tests of log-cabin mastic Woodchink

Woodchink is acrylic dispersion mastic developed specially for sealing of wooden joints of log-cabins and timber houses both for interior or exterior use. It is mastic of coarse-grained structure, which, from an aesthetic point of view, prevents unwanted glaze of the fissure and simultaneously  prevents the possibility that, as time goes on, the dust particles could cling to the surface of the mastic, which would seem aesthetically intrusive.

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What is the material consumption

Material consumption is always dependent on many factors. For the calculation it is necessary to know the width, depth and shape of the joint.

The corners consumption is again very specific and depends on the shape and method of establishment of logs. Therefore, here we mean that we have gained from practical tests. For accurate calculation it is always better to perform a test on a specific cabin or log cabin.

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