Sealants for log homes

There are 2 types of packaging. First 600 ml sausages, and second 310 ml cartridges.  MAKE ORDER HERE 

For larger applications, and chinking the cabin or log houses is preferable to pack 600 ml. In small-scale applications such as joints inbeams, window and door cracks, and similar smaller repair is suitable 310 ml pack.

For application of sealants you will still need the discharge gun, spatula and sealing backing rod. Dimensions of backing rod according to the joint width. If you use a 600 ml pack you need to buy the gun for 600 mlsausages. Gun 310 ml are all commercially available everywhere. Refer to the instruction on in search "Woodchink" or go to the links or at .

Color white
600 ml code 110
Color pine 
600 ml 
code 120
Color light brown  
600 ml code 130
600 ml balta 600 ml priede 600 ml gaisi-bruna
 Price: 12,00   Price: 12,00   Price: 12,00 

Color yellow brown 
600 ml 
code 140

Color dark browna 
600 ml code 150

Color gray 
600 ml code 160

600 ml dzelteni bruna 600 ml bruna 600 ml bruna
 Price: 12,00 
 Price: 12,00   Price: 12,00 


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